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Digital forelesning med Dr. Alain Gregoire, UK. Chair, Maternal Mental Health Alliance and Global Alliance for Maternal Mental Health

Poor maternal mental health, particularly in pregnancy and postnatally (‘perinatal mental health’), is a major cause of suffering and disability in mothers as well as having substantial negative effects on the children and wider family. There is growing evidence of this impact spreading across the generations and that interventions aimed at improving the lives of the most disadvantaged people are most likely to be effective by focusing on the early years of life, including mental health care of mothers and fathers at this time. Perinatal mental health care requires specialist knowledge and skills amongst a wide range of professionals in mental health, maternity, public health and primary care, some dedicated services and multiagency collaborative pathways. We have good evidence of the individual, family, social and economic consequences of poor care, the levels of need for healthcare, effective and costed treatments and models of care and systems for assuring their quality. Despite this, access to good enough perinatal mental health care in all countries has been patchy or non-existent. There is now evidence that collaboration and pressure from multiple groups, united in Maternal Mental Health Alliances, is leading to improvements in awareness and provision of better care. This is an area of development that offers major opportunities to improve lives in this generation and the next, both effectively and cost effectively, in high and low income countries worldwide.

Dr. Alain Gregoire is Consultant Perinatal Psychiatrist and Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Southampton, UK. He set up and leads the national award winning (UK Mental Health Team of the Year 2004 and 2013) Hampshire Perinatal Mental Health Service, which provides comprehensive integrated community and inpatient services to women with severe mental health problems in pregnancy and postnatally. This recently featured in the critically acclaimed BBC documentary “My Baby, Psychosis and me’. He was the founding President of the UK and Ireland Marcé Society for perinatal research (UKIMS), and was the founder and is currently the Chair of the UK Maternal Mental Health Alliance, a coalition of over 70 national organisations committed to improving maternal mental health care and outcomes for mothers and their infants. He was a member of the NICE Guideline Development Group for Antenatal and Postnatal Mental Health and is currently a member of the NHS England Transformation Board for Perinatal Mental Health. He has contributed to the development of policy, guidance and clinical services in the area of parental and infant mental health in the UK and abroad.

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